Advice for BFA Degree Application Process

For students wishing to prepare their portfolio for application to their portfolio to the AVC Graphic Design BFA program, we issue the following points of advice and information.

  • The AVC Graphic Design Area would like students to prepare their portfolios and ascertain which pieces to include and/or exclude (based within the guidelines for the AVC Graphic Design BFA Degree Application Instructions and Forms). Students capable of functioning well within the BFA program need to have design skills strong enough to differentiate stronger designs from weaker ones.
  • Students may opt to take the Portfolio I course which is specifically developed to assist students in preparing a portfolio, either for graduation with a two-year degree and/ore for applying to the Graphic Design BFA Program.
  • BFA candidates will have already completed projects in various courses and will have received in-progress critiques and feedback as well as a final project critique and final project grade for each project. This provides significant input of various strengths and weaknesses relating to BFA candidate student designs.
  • Students who may be reapplying to the BFA program after unsuccessfully applying to the program previously receive a score sheet outlining various areas of strengths and weaknesses in their portfolio and will be helpful for revising any portfolio for future submissions.

Based on the above points the AVC Graphic Design Area does not endorse individual student-instructor mentoring or meetings in order to coach BFA candidates to prepare their portfolios.