Information for Prospective Adjunct

Thank your for your interest in being an adjunct instructor as part of the Graphic Design Area in The Department of Art and Visual Communications at UVU.

Additional information relating to adjunct instruction is available at:

Please review the course catalog descriptions for the following AVC Graphic Design courses at:

Please take a moment and complete the form below so that we may keep your information on file for future openings.
In the event we have a teaching position you may be qualified for, we will contact you.

Based on course descriptions:

  • Please indicate any course(s) you have taught and/or would be qualified to teach.
  • Previous teaching experience is beneficial but is not a requirement.
  • Relevant professional work experience is required.
  • Please justify any of your indications by listing any previous experience(s) and/or credentials in the provided text fields below the course title.
  • Be sure to include information like:
    • Related skills
    • Professional experience
    • Previous teaching experience
    • Related soft-ware use/knowledge
    • Any other notes you feel would be necessary