Mission Core Values

In alignment with the Department of Art and Visual Communications Mission Statement Principles, the Graphic Design Area’s mission core values are as follows:

Visual Literacy
Demonstrate conceptual design solutions that align strategically with the audience.
Demonstrate mastery of skills written (typographic) and visual (image-based) communication.
Demonstrate mastery of hierarchy and organization applied to design and communication.
Demonstrate mastery of fundamental problem-solving skills including the ability to conduct appropriate research.

Professional Excellence
Demonstrate professionalism, self learning, self motivation, reliability, and resource management.
Demonstrate a marketable mix of conceptual/communicative skills and technical/production skills.

Creative Diversity
Demonstrate the ability to adapt and apply design styles in a relevant manner.
Demonstrate implementation of various media for effective communication.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration
Demonstrates emphasis in at least one of the graphic design sub-disciplines: typography, branding, strategy development, interactivity, and motion.
Demonstrate effective creation and application of photography and illustration.
Demonstrate experience working with other design professionals in diverse areas of expertise.

Cultural/Social Responsibility
Recognize the importance of citizenship and ethics in relation to how graphic design should honestly and beneficially contribute to society as a whole.
Demonstrate knowledge of environmental responsibility, as it applies to the field of graphic design.